Meet the Team

Started in 2015 by three friends – Grant, Mike and Tom – GMT+ seeks to bring the very best of research in Behavioural Economics and Microeconomics to bear on behalf of your business, whatever its size.

Between the three partners there is a wealth of experience in the fields of Behavioural Economics, Microeconomics, analysis of Administrative Data, Experimental design and Survey design. We look forward to applying these to solving the sort of real world problems your business faces daily.

Here is a little more about each of the directors below, but we look forward to introducing ourselves in person!

GMT+ Economist


Grant loves people and data. His twin specialties are leveraging administrative data (which companies collect rapidly and in large amounts) and applying Behavioural Economics to solve real-people, real-world problems and deliver insight. Grant has a Masters in Economics from UCT. He has published at the highest level and has worked with a wide range of companies, NGO’s, and levels of government.

GMT+ experience


Mike grew up with an eye for detail, a penchant for numbers, and a love for research. His background in Psychology, years of experience in digital marketing, and his consistent out-of-the-box thinking make him a great complement to the team. Mike studied a Social Science degree, majoring in Psychology, then went on to study Marketing at Red & Yellow. 

GMT+ Statistician


Tom is a bright economist with a flair for econometrics and evidence-based research, and a passion for practical statistical methods. His experience as a researcher and data analyst complement his clinical logic and theoretical training, making him an essential member of the GMT team. Tom has a Masters in Economics from UCT

What next?

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